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B-BOY CULTURE UNITE | Lana Lane Studios | Honolulu, HI

By Hadley Nunes


Five years in the making, The Break Boys aired last week on Red Bull TV with an eight episode first season. Creative Director and Photographer Mason Rose of Lana Lane directed, produced and filmed this epic show along with his team in Los Angeles.


Rose’s connection to b-boy culture goes back nearly two decades. At eighteen when he was injured from break dancing he picked up a camera and started making short videos of his friends practicing. In 1997 Rose’s Seven Shadows came out on VHS and quickly became iconic. The video incorporated all that was relevant in the Aussie hip hop scene at the time; music, writing, beat boxing, and the emcee all aligned around break dance culture in this cult classic.


Rose is still capturing the art form nineteen years later. The Break Boys follows three of the top dancers in the US who, once rivals, came together to win the legendary Freestyle Sessions 2012 competition in Los Angeles. Their crew known as The Skill Brat Renegades, took a break from competing after their triumphant win and the show picks up at the reunion of the crew just as they begin preparing for their return to the scene for the Freestyle Sessions 2015 competition.


The entire season one is available online, which means binge watching is likely. To watch, click here.

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