After two years of organizing, filming, and editing by Lana Lane Studios creatives Rising Sons, Ho`omau: A Story of Perseverance premieres on the big screen at Dole Cannery Theaters as part of the 2016 Hawai‘i International Film Festival.

In the wake of a significant migratory period in ancient Hawai`i, some have arrived to find abundance, assimilation and peace, while others have found only rejection and war. Anchored in the belief that integration will only bring suffering for their people, a young chief and his followers set out to rid their district of newcomers.

Lehua, a daring yet spiteful young girl who has lost her home in the chaos of war, hides out in a cave with her mother and infant brother. She longs to be outside their shelter fighting the sinister dangers that lurk beyond the cave. But when her grandfather returns wounded, Lehua will soon find herself at the forefront of the struggle between life and death and will be forced to make the most difficult decision of her life.

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