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By Hadley Nunes

I recently visited Hannah Craft in her studio at Lana Lane, where I found the most interesting collection of materials and a process that is equally eclectic. Craft joined the Studios in May of 2015, bringing with her a multimedia practice that includes photography, sculpture, printmaking, and performance.

"Bear Claws in Bougainvillea", 2015, Monoprint on mulberry paper, 20" x 16"

“Bear Claws in Bougainvillea”, 2015, Monoprint on mulberry paper, 20″ x 16″

We talked about a series of monoprints she’s been working on at the Honolulu Museum Art School where she is also a member of Honolulu Printmakers. During our conversation, I learned more about how she synthesizes and personalizes the breadth of her source material and media.

"Bunny Jump Pyre II", 2012, MDF and house paint

“Bunny Jump Pyre II”, 2012, MDF and house paint

The prints are made from unconventional colors—industrial-acidic yellow, shaggy-gray moss and bougainvillea pink—and are layered with elementary imagery that harken back to the earliest drawings we know of made by torch light inside caves. Craft says, “I’m trying to resolve a way to incorporate my interests in anthropology and the history of art and peoples and make it relevant to my life and how I’m seeing it and experiencing it.” You can see mountains, rainbows, water, texture created by confetti she added to the printing process, and bear claw marks—these too were found inside the painted caves over thrifty-five thousand years ago.

Inside her space I also found a candy-colored purple wig, an array of costumes, a book entitled The History of the World in 100 Objects, My Little Pony figures and dog toys cast in bronze and a shimmery disco ball jumpsuit adorned with 10,000 small mirrors. On her desk was a life-size hammerhead shark’s head made from chicken-wire.

“I’m excited everyday,” she tells me when talking about the landscape in Hawaii and how it’s influenced her practice since she moved here from Newark, New Jersey over a year ago. “Whatever pops into my head I’ll figure out how to make it.”

Hannah Craft is awesome and inspiring and we’re so excited to have her here at Lana as one of our newest members.

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