For five weeks in 2014 Present Project occupied 10,000 square feet in the Cooke Street warehouses in Kaka’ako bringing together approximately 5,000 members of the community and students from local schools to experience large-sale installation artwork produced onsite by five international artists. Kamehameha Schools and Our Kaka’ako were the principle sponsors showing their dedication to expanding the boundaries of what is possible in our growing community.

This project was founded, directed and curated by Lana Lane member Hadley Nunes with education design by Bryan Welch of Guilds.

2014 artists-in-residence included Florence Carbonne, Caledonia Curry aka SWOON, Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez, and Keith Tallet and Sally Lundburg of Les Filter Feeders.


Hawaii Public Radio, Noe Tanigawa

Hawaii Public Radio, The Conversation

Hawaii Public Radio, The Conversation

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