Completed work from Lana Lane Studios creative Mason Rose. To see more of his work visit Vimeo or check out his profile here.

The Skill Brat Renegades boys went on an adventure to showcase/judge and battle in the Annual event “Culture Shock” in Taipei, Taiwan.

They met some very interesting and wild people while they were there, From helicopters, getting bit by wild guard dogs in bear protection suits, and playing with fire works just before flying back home they went all out on and off the dance floor, it was a crazy adventure.

It was also great to see Kid David and Vic battle it out till the end in the final with Vic gaining the WIN by a foots length. Good times with everyone out there and we look forward to coming back again next year and vibing out with the culture again!

Music: Better Than I’ve Ever Been (feat. Rakim) (DJ Premier Remix)

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