The 2015 Pow! Wow! Hawaii School of Music (PWSoM) began this past Saturday just a few weeks before the two-week long, free music intensive program for young adults 12 to 18 on the 31st of this month. New and familiar faces from the 2014 year gathered this past weekend at Lana Lane Studios for the 2015 audition. Among the excitement, the key message of the school, one that unites the group even in this early stage, is cheered by the group “All art is collaboration!” Co-directed by Andy Song and Nicholas Kaleikini, PWSoM will also feature local and national artists, mentors, and educators including Big Mox, Gotaro Oshitari, Christa Wittmier, Shing02, Scott Imanaka, JPatt, Illis It, Def Jam poet Bridget Gray, Danny Kaleikini, Irie Love, and Kimie Miner.


Hosted by Lana Lane Studios and sponsored by Flexfit and Kaleikini Productions, PWSoM is dedicated to fostering a noncompetitive, creative, and comfortable environment for young musicians to develop as artists alongside the main Pow! Wow! Hawaii event, featuring artists from around the world collaborating on large-scale murals around the Kaka’ako, Hawai’i area.

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