By Hadley Nunes

Talented and multi-faceted, photographer Meagan Suzuki is one of Lana Lane Studios’ newest members. Her recent work includes an editorial piece for Flux Magazine and Kīkaha an in-flight publication for Island Air. Mixing it up with wedding photography, editorials and travel features, Suzuki brings the best of a diverse and unique practice to our thriving Lana Lane community.


Securely set within a career in energy efficiency, Suzuki decided to take the leap and pursue her passion several years back. Embarking on her path as a photographer has paid off and now she
has found the hard-won balance between earning a living for her work and holding a space for
contemplation—an underappreciated but essential part of any artistic practice.


As photographic narratives, her work aims to capture something authentic about the environments and people she documents. In the case of her travel pieces where she incorporates text into the visual narrative, she mixes humor with a sharp eye for detail. Upbeat and adventurous, we discover the world as she encounters it.


Surfing on the coast of Essaouria, camel trekking in the Sahara and the politics of navigating cultural aversions to being photographed are part of a glimpse into her Morocco series. Other series are pure photographic pleasure. Whether it’s images that hover over spectacular landscapes in Turkey from a hot air ballon or images that capture breathy moments of beauty amid the streets of Istanbul, Suzuki’s pictorial narratives speak to the quiet, contemplative side of her practice.

Meagan Suzuki’s work is playful, poetic and engaging. We’re so excited to have her unique perspective here at Lana as one of our newest members. To see more of her work and travels click here!

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